SQL Client

Run as a Java Web Start application
1 GB max memory (use this if you have a 32-bit JVM)
2 GB max memory (for a 64-bit JVM only)
4 GB max memory (for a 64-bit JVM only)

If you have never used this program before, read below first.

Security Warning

You may be prompted about a "Security Warning" (because I am using a self-signed certificate). To resolve this restriction you will need to go to the Control Panel in Windows (or System Preferences on Mac), open the settings for Java, go to the Security tab, and add this website (http://www.mindtrace.net) to the Exception Site List. (On a Mac, you may still have to modify other settings to get this application to run.)

Features include

Known Bugs

Features not fully tested

One thing that may annoy you

If you have several queries on the SQL tab and highlight one with your mouse to run it, as soon as you hit the Execute button the query will lose the highlight. So if you want to run it again you need to re-highlight it (unless it's the only query there). I hope to address this issue but it's actually not an easy thing in Java due to the way Swing works.

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